Brand Archetypes — My Journey through Titan in the Summer of ‘19

It was the summer of ’19 and Titan had offered me the position as a Summer Intern at their headquarters in Bangalore following the end of year one in my PGDM at Jaipuria, Noida. I was apprehensive at first, but that apprehension quickly turned into an invigorating feeling. I knew a mammoth task lay ahead of me if I were to impress the nifty marketers at Titan. Whenever a daunting challenge is laid ahead of me, I have an overflow of excitement toxins over fearful ones. Given the status and reputation of Titan at the time, India’s largest watch brand by market share and the world’s fourth-largest, my initial reactions of being inducted as an intern were no less dramatic. And so without knowing what lay beyond, I packed my bags and set off for the Garden City.

I was mesmerized by the sprawling and breathtakingly beautiful campus in one of the most secluded places in Bangalore, Electronic City. This 9 acre biophilic campus was everything that one would imagine to be seeing in a Hollywood movie. Right from a high affinity towards nature to the modern oval-shaped buildings; its cascading green terraces to the rustic factory setting indoors, the campus really was awe-inspiring.

12 Jungian Brand Archetypes

The Innocent

Goal: To be happy
Traits: Strives to be good, is pure, young, optimistic, simple, moral, romantic, loyal
Drawback: Could be naive or boring
Marketing niche: Companies with strong values, seen as trustworthy, reliable and honest, associated with morality, good virtues, simplicity, can be nostalgic
Example: Zoop, Dash, Skagen

The Everyman

Goal: To belong, or connect with others
Traits: Down to earth, supportive, faithful, folksy, person next door, connects with others
Drawback: Could lack a distinctive identity and blend in too much
Marketing niche: Common touch, solid virtues, gives a sense of belonging
Example: Timex, Maxima, SF (Sonata)

The Hero

Goal: Help to improve the world
Traits: Courageous, bold, honorable, strong, confident, inspirational
Drawback: Could be arrogant or aloof
Marketing niche: Make a positive mark on the world, solve major problems or enable/inspire others to do so
Example: Xylys, Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Suunto, Master of G-Shock Series, Audemars Piguet

The Outlaw

Goal: Break the rules and fight authority
Traits: Rebellious, iconoclastic, wild, paving the way for change
Drawback: Could take it too far and be seen in a negative way
Marketing niche: Agent of change, advocate for the disenfranchised, allow people to vent or break with conventions
Example: G-Shock, Titan Octane

The Explorer

Goal: Finds fulfillment through discovery and new experiences
Traits: Restless, adventurous, ambitious, individualistic, independent, pioneering
Drawback: Might not fit into the mainstream
Marketing niche: Exciting, risk-taking, authentic
Example: Casio Pro-trek, Mont-Blanc, Timberland

The Creator

Goal: Create something with meaning and enduring value
Traits: Creative, imaginative, artistic, inventive, entrepreneur, non-conformist
Drawback: Could be a perfectionist or impractical
Marketing niche: Visionary, help customers express or create, and foster their imagination
Example: Xylys, Titan Raga, Swatch, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Patek Philippe, AP

The Ruler

Goal: Control, create order from chaos
Traits: Leader, responsible, organized, role model, administrator
Drawback: Could lack a common connection, or be too authoritative or controlling
Marketing niche: Help people become more organized, restore order, create more stability and security in a chaotic world
Example: Rolex, Mont-Blanc, Hugo Boss

The Magician

Goal: Make dreams come true, create something special
Traits: Visionary, charismatic, imaginative, idealistic, spiritual
Drawback: Could take risks that lead to bad outcomes
Marketing niche: Help people transform their world, inspire change, expand consciousness
Example: MVMT, DW, Victorinox, Swarovski

The Lover

Goal: Create intimacy, inspire love
Traits: Passionate, sensual, intimate, romantic, warm, committed, idealistic
Drawback: Could be too selfless or not grounded enough
Marketing niche: Help people feel appreciated, belong, connect, enjoy intimacy, build relationships
Example: Titan Raga, Anne Klein, Cartier, Casio Sheen, Longines, Enticer

The Caregiver

Goal: To care for and protect others
Traits: Caring, maternal, nurturing, selfless, generous, compassionate
Drawback: Being taken advantage of, taken for granted, or exploited
Marketing niche: Help people care for themselves, serve the public through health care, education or aid programs
Example: According to my research, no watch brand came into this realm.

The Jester

Goal: To bring joy to the world
Traits: Fun, sense of humor, light-hearted, mischievous, irreverent
Drawback: Could be seen as frivolous or disrespectful
Marketing niche: Help people have a good time or enjoy what they are doing, allow people to be more impulsive and spontaneous
Example: Fastrack, Titan Octane

The Sage

Goal: To help the world gain wisdom and insight, differentiates itself from others whose quality is suspect
Traits: Knowledgeable, trusted source of information, wisdom and intelligence, thoughtful, analytical, mentor, guru, advisor
Drawback: Could be overly contemplative or too opinionated
Marketing niche: Help people to better understand the world, provide practical information and analysis
Example: Seiko, Citizen, Fossil.”

Brand Archetypes: Watch Brands

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